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01/05/2014 Interview with Bonnie Burstow
During this 25 minute interview, Dr. Bonnie Burstow from OISE, University of Toronto, shares years of knowledge and experience as a critical activist researcher.

11/12/2010 Interview with Michael Shapcott
Ilona Alex interviews Michael Shapcott - one of Canada's leading community-based housing and homelessness experts. Michael leads the Wellesley Institute's housing and homelessness practice and co-leads the Wellesley Institute's social innovation practice.

11/11/2010 Interview with Pat Capponi
Interview with Pat Capponi - Canadian author and advocate for issues of poverty and mental health. Listen to Pat and Ilona Alex discuss issues of poverty and LGBTQ youth homelessness.

07/18/2010 Interview with Susan Gapka
Susan Gapka, candidate for City Councillor in Ward 27 is interviewed about her views and knowledge on homelessness in Toronto and the G20 2010

05/17/2010 Rainbow Health Ontario 2010 Conference
Panel presentation at RHO conference on LGBTQ youth homelessness in Toronto on March 25, 2010. On the panel: Michelle Le-Claire (519 Church Street Community Centre), Lorraine Barnaby (SHOUT Clinic), Ilona Abramovich (UofT, OISE)

01/09/2010 Interview with Dawne Thomsen
Ilona interviews an incredible woman named Dawne Thomsen in her 80's who is an ex-Mormon. Listen as Dawne shares her views on religion and homophobia. I believe we can all learn from her knowledge.

11/16/2009 Interview with Trish Horrigan
Ilona interviews Trish Horrigan, the Manager of Operations and Support Services from the City of Toronto. Listen to their extensive conversation about LGBTQ youth homelessness in Toronto.

10/07/2009 Interview with Stephen Gaetz
Associate dean of research and field development in the faculty of education at York university shares his expertise on the issues of youth homelessness

09/02/2009 Interview with Scott Reeves
Sociologist and health services researcher Scott Reeves shares his knowledge on the complexities of conducting research

08/10/2009 Inverview with Ronzig
Activist, artist and wizard Ronzig shares his knowledge and experiences regarding the complexities of homelessness

07/29/2009 Interview with Carolann Barr
Carolann Barr is the director of research and community initiatives at Raising the Roof in Toronto. Listen to us discuss the issues of youth homelessness.

07/08/2009 Interview with Nancy Viva Davis Halifax
Nancy is an arts-informed researcher and professor at York University, Toronto. Listen to her as she shares her knowledge on the issues of social justice.

06/10/2009 Interview with the Ali Forney Center in New York City
Interview with Executive Director Carl Siciliano of Ali Forney Center. Discussing the needs of LGBTQ homeless youth

05/01/2009 Introduction: Where is the Support?
Ilona introduces her podcast "Where is the Support?"
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