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Teal's Story

This film is part of a Digital Storytelling project from my PhD research study, which investigates LGBTQ youth homelessness in Toronto. I created the film with a very courageous young trans woman named Teal. "Teal's Story" visually illustrates her experiences in Toronto's shelter system and how she navigated daily occurrences of extreme transphobia. My hope is that this film will raise awareness to the issue of LGBTQ youth homelessness and begin a much needed shift in the shelter system. Everyone NEEDS to see this. Please watch and share "Teal's Story".
"Almost all LGBTQ people going into shelters have a fear of them, because it isn't a matter of if it's dangerous, but just how dangerous it will be. It is horrible to live in that fear everyday." (Teal, 23 years old, Digital Storytelling project)
A special thank you to the The 519 Church Street Community Centre for supporting this project.

Out On The Street

Short Video Documentary
Directors: Amy Siegel & I. Alex Abramovich
Double A Productions
Distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

This short film uses interviews, found footage, animation and podcasts to explore LGBTQ youth homelessness in Toronto and the lack of support available. Several people’s lived experiences are shared.

Young, Queer and Homeless in Toronto:
Where is the Support?

This is I.A.'s second short film. It represents several important findings from her Master's thesis, entitled "Young, Queer and Homeless in Toronto: Where is the Support?".

Chapter 6: Coming out

The complexities that accompany being young, queer and coming out.

Sweet, Sweet Toronto

This first short film focuses on the lack of affordable housing in Toronto.